Vegetarian Fat Sources

Oh hello! How are you? I am good. Just sitting in bed and watching The Hangover. A girl got to do something at night, right? Hahaha. Nah, I just like to have something to entertain myself with while I am writing. Okay, I do enjoy just watching movies and not blogging at the same time because you some times miss important things. Good thing that I have seen this movie before than. But I don't want to miss the hilarious jokes.

So I went to the doctors and did a big health screening. They took a lot of blood, I had to do this breathing test and they listened to my heart. All of my vitals and the other test came back awesome. So I am just as healthy as they can be. The only thing the doctor said if she had to comment on something was maybe I should eat more fat. That got me thinking that didn't know what I could eat. What are some good vegetarian fats? So to educate both you and myself I thought that I would look it up.

I found some great vegetarian fat sources and 10 delicious


All Day Every Day

Hello my darlings! Today I am here on time, well not as late as last night anyway. Sorry about that. I actually had a period a few years ago where I blogged at the end of the day and always posted something around midnight. My reasoning for that was that I couldn't blog at lets say 6 PM because the day was not over yet and cool stuff could still happen and I would want that on my blog. Yeah, I could just have included that the next day but back then I didn't see it as black and white as that.

Since I have been really bad at posting workout tips lately that is exactly what you are getting to day. This post is going to be about how much exercise/ physical activity you need every day (yeah that's right E-V-E-R-Y-D-A-Y). But also how much you should workout because there is a difference between exercise and workout. Maybe we should clear that up before we go any further here.

I found a really good quote on a website called Stack Exchange that explains exercise vs. workout: &qu…

No Soy

OMG, it's so so so so late! I mean I can't believe that I haven't posted anything yet. Just been busy and I am still tired from the all the things that has been going on this week. But that doesn't mean that I don't have a post for you guys. I always have a post for you (except for the two days that I was absent this week, sorry again).

Okay but since it's late its going to be a short post. A short post about soy. Yeah that's right. That magic little thing that taste so delicious and have a lot of benefits. With all that praise it can actually be hard to believe it when you hear it but soy is not as good as you think! Yeah, first I say it has a lot of health benefits and then I say it's not as healthy as you think. It's very contradicting.

Why is not as good as we think? Well, first soy contains phytoestrogens which is very similar to the bodys natural estrogen hormone. This can cause serious problems for both men and women. For men this means that …

The Perfect V

Hello my friends! You know what guys, yes you are my friends and always will be. For that I am actually sorry for not having been here for the past two days. Just life and other things have gotten in the way. But I am here now to tell you all about what I have been up to.

I have actually been up to too much these past few days considering that I am hurt my foot. I don't know what I have done, all I know that it has been hurting for almost a week. I wanted to go to the pharmacy today and buy some cooling cream my foot but since it's Midsummer so everything closed early. Good thing that I looked it up online before I actually went there.

Okay so what I have been up to except from screwing up my foot? Well the other day I actually went to an event for a new beauty product. Not just any beauty product, this beauty product is for your bikini area. Whaaat?! That was my first reaction as well but I have tried it and it's actually really good. The brand is called The Perfect V. …

My Workout Schedule

Hello! I workout every single day. I workout a little over an hour. I would never workout less than that. I mean this works well for me. The only time I would sweat it out for only 40 minutes if I would take an hour of lunch and work out during the time instead of eating. But no, I like it this way.

As I have said before I only work out at home in my living room. I follow videos on youtube. There are all kinds of workout videos on youtube. I am sure that you you want to try it you will find something that suites you.

My workout schedule is quite simple. I do yoga Monday through Wednesday and cardio (that focuses on the butt and thighs) Thursday through Sunday. It is not more complicated than that. But, I also do the plank everyday. the plank is good for overall body strength. I eight minutes of the plank everyday. Two minutes, rest for a few seconds and repeat four times. Try that everyday and you will notice significant changes.

Have a nice Tuesday night!

your writer, Erika


I have been on the phone all day. Feel like I can't get anything done because I am on the phone all of the time. I mean I can't concentrate and write a post for you guys and be at the phone at the same time. This may sound like I am bad at multitasking but that is not at all true. It's just when I write a post I have to fact check what I am writing about. I am writing a post and simultaneously doing research at the same time. So you see.

Enough about that. Today I want to talk to you guys about antioxidants. I think that we all know that they're important. Why are they important? Why do we need them and most importantly, how and where can we get them?

Lets just first start with what antioxidants are and why we need them. An antioxidant is a molecule that prohibits the oxidation of other molecules. Oxidation is a chemical reaction that produce free radicals. This can then result in reactions that may harm cells. An antioxidant will prevent this from happening.

So where …

Cardio Is Good For Your Memory

Cardio exercises may be more important than you think. Young people who do cardio workouts may maintain their memory skills when they're 43-55. A study done back in April 2014 showed that people at an average age of 25 who under went treadmill tests and then 20 years later underwent the same tests and had small decreases were more likely to perform better on executive functions tests than those with big decreases. This is very interesting. Those tests helped to identify and consequently prevent or treat people with a higher risk of developing dementia.

Yes, taking care of your body at a young age will benefit you when you are older. You will even notice immediate results. So do yourself a favor exercise and eat healthy. Of course exercise is not a magic trick or a miracle worker for disease prevention but it will get you on a good path to never encountering the big and scary ones.

your writer, Erika