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Vegetarian Fat Sources

Oh hello! How are you? I am good. Just sitting in bed and watching The Hangover. A girl got to do something at night, right? Hahaha. Nah, I just like to have something to entertain myself with while I am writing. Okay, I do enjoy just watching movies and not blogging at the same time because you some times miss important things. Good thing that I have seen this movie before than. But I don't want to miss the hilarious jokes.

So I went to the doctors and did a big health screening. They took a lot of blood, I had to do this breathing test and they listened to my heart. All of my vitals and the other test came back awesome. So I am just as healthy as they can be. The only thing the doctor said if she had to comment on something was maybe I should eat more fat. That got me thinking that didn't know what I could eat. What are some good vegetarian fats? So to educate both you and myself I thought that I would look it up.

I found some great vegetarian fat sources and 10 delicious


All Day Every Day

Hello my darlings! Today I am here on time, well not as late as last night anyway. Sorry about that. I actually had a period a few years ago where I blogged at the end of the day and always posted something around midnight. My reasoning for that was that I couldn't blog at lets say 6 PM because the day was not over yet and cool stuff could still happen and I would want that on my blog. Yeah, I could just have included that the next day but back then I didn't see it as black and white as that.

Since I have been really bad at posting workout tips lately that is exactly what you are getting to day. This post is going to be about how much exercise/ physical activity you need every day (yeah that's right E-V-E-R-Y-D-A-Y). But also how much you should workout because there is a difference between exercise and workout. Maybe we should clear that up before we go any further here.

I found a really good quote on a website called Stack Exchange that explains exercise vs. workout: &qu…

No Soy

OMG, it's so so so so late! I mean I can't believe that I haven't posted anything yet. Just been busy and I am still tired from the all the things that has been going on this week. But that doesn't mean that I don't have a post for you guys. I always have a post for you (except for the two days that I was absent this week, sorry again).

Okay but since it's late its going to be a short post. A short post about soy. Yeah that's right. That magic little thing that taste so delicious and have a lot of benefits. With all that praise it can actually be hard to believe it when you hear it but soy is not as good as you think! Yeah, first I say it has a lot of health benefits and then I say it's not as healthy as you think. It's very contradicting.

Why is not as good as we think? Well, first soy contains phytoestrogens which is very similar to the bodys natural estrogen hormone. This can cause serious problems for both men and women. For men this means that …

The Perfect V

Hello my friends! You know what guys, yes you are my friends and always will be. For that I am actually sorry for not having been here for the past two days. Just life and other things have gotten in the way. But I am here now to tell you all about what I have been up to.

I have actually been up to too much these past few days considering that I am hurt my foot. I don't know what I have done, all I know that it has been hurting for almost a week. I wanted to go to the pharmacy today and buy some cooling cream my foot but since it's Midsummer so everything closed early. Good thing that I looked it up online before I actually went there.

Okay so what I have been up to except from screwing up my foot? Well the other day I actually went to an event for a new beauty product. Not just any beauty product, this beauty product is for your bikini area. Whaaat?! That was my first reaction as well but I have tried it and it's actually really good. The brand is called The Perfect V. …

My Workout Schedule

Hello! I workout every single day. I workout a little over an hour. I would never workout less than that. I mean this works well for me. The only time I would sweat it out for only 40 minutes if I would take an hour of lunch and work out during the time instead of eating. But no, I like it this way.

As I have said before I only work out at home in my living room. I follow videos on youtube. There are all kinds of workout videos on youtube. I am sure that you you want to try it you will find something that suites you.

My workout schedule is quite simple. I do yoga Monday through Wednesday and cardio (that focuses on the butt and thighs) Thursday through Sunday. It is not more complicated than that. But, I also do the plank everyday. the plank is good for overall body strength. I eight minutes of the plank everyday. Two minutes, rest for a few seconds and repeat four times. Try that everyday and you will notice significant changes.

Have a nice Tuesday night!

your writer, Erika


I have been on the phone all day. Feel like I can't get anything done because I am on the phone all of the time. I mean I can't concentrate and write a post for you guys and be at the phone at the same time. This may sound like I am bad at multitasking but that is not at all true. It's just when I write a post I have to fact check what I am writing about. I am writing a post and simultaneously doing research at the same time. So you see.

Enough about that. Today I want to talk to you guys about antioxidants. I think that we all know that they're important. Why are they important? Why do we need them and most importantly, how and where can we get them?

Lets just first start with what antioxidants are and why we need them. An antioxidant is a molecule that prohibits the oxidation of other molecules. Oxidation is a chemical reaction that produce free radicals. This can then result in reactions that may harm cells. An antioxidant will prevent this from happening.

So where …

Cardio Is Good For Your Memory

Cardio exercises may be more important than you think. Young people who do cardio workouts may maintain their memory skills when they're 43-55. A study done back in April 2014 showed that people at an average age of 25 who under went treadmill tests and then 20 years later underwent the same tests and had small decreases were more likely to perform better on executive functions tests than those with big decreases. This is very interesting. Those tests helped to identify and consequently prevent or treat people with a higher risk of developing dementia.

Yes, taking care of your body at a young age will benefit you when you are older. You will even notice immediate results. So do yourself a favor exercise and eat healthy. Of course exercise is not a magic trick or a miracle worker for disease prevention but it will get you on a good path to never encountering the big and scary ones.

your writer, Erika

Get To Know Erika

I can't believe that it's 3:30 PM already?! What have I done today? It feels like I have done nothing. But if i have to explain it to someone I actually have done a lot. Maybe not a lot but I have done something. I have worked out and done some laundry. Nothing major, but at least I haven't just been sitting around on my ass doing nothing all day.

I hope you have noticed that I have added a new page to the website. I think that it was about a month ago. It's a page with all my contact info and my @ on social media sites. Check out the page! I am going to add another page that is kind of like a short bio page about me. A little bit who I am. In the mean time until that page gets added I thought that I would do the 10 Question Game with you.

1. What is your middle name? Isabell.

2. What is your favorite color? This is a tough one. I guess I don't have a favorite. I love all colors but if you go through my closet you will mostly see black.

3. Who was your first best f…

My Favorite Meal of The Day

You know what, breakfast is actually my favorite meal of the day! Yes I love breakfast! When I go to sleep at night I am so excited to wake up in the morning because I get to eat breakfast. When it comes to breakfast I am a person of habit so I eat the same thing every single day. Organic yoghurt with my homemade granola and sliced fruit (mostly banana). If I am feeling crazy I might have some organic honey or golden syrup.

My breakfast this morning. Organic yoghurt with a lot of my homemade granola, some berries and some golden syrup.
I am actually shocked when people say that they don't eat breakfast! Breakfast is an important meal. Having breakfast will give you the energy that you need to start the day and through out the day. You know that you should actually have a bigger meal in the beginning of the day rather than at night. Why? Because if you have a big meal in the morning you have all day to burn those calories. If you have a big meal at night you're not going to burn…

Yoga Pt. 2

Hello! You didn't think that I had forgotten about you? Yeah, I know it's late but I have been on the move all day. Some days are just like that. But I like being occupied. It feels like I am contributing to the world then. I like to think that I make a positive mark wherever I leave.

So I talked about yoga yesterday and I thought that I would continue today. I love yoga! I just love how flexible my body has become. I feel so much more confident about myself since I started doing yoga.

As I also said yesterday, there is like one billion different styles of yoga out there. I practice power yoga because it focuses as much on stretching your muscles as on building muscle. So your muscles become very long and lean. I also love building muscle. I mean I like having a nice butt.

This video below is great! I have done this video for a while now and it is the reason that I have the body that I have today. I focuses on all parts of your body. Try it out and let me know in the comment s…

Benefits of Yoga

I love yoga! It is my favorite workout method. I would only do yoga but I need cardio. Well all need cardio. I do yoga because I want a flexible body. I love being able to bend my body different ways. I think that is so beautiful! Just look at the Cirque du Soleil performers! My gaash they are gorgeous! I wish that I could be one of them.

There are actually a lot of health benefits from doing yoga. Yoga actually has as many mental benefits as physical. Yes! I have never thought of it before but now that I think of it it is the most obvious thing. As far as mental health. Yoga can help with stress, body awareness, sleeping problems plus a whole problems. Some of the physical benefits are increased flexibility (this one is obvious I know), but also increased muscle strength and tone and you will notice that you will have a lot more energy.

Yoga is great! There are like one billion different styles go yoga so I am sure that you will find of the suits you. Plus if you have never done yoga…

Getting a Pet

If you are the kind of person that don't go outside a lot and never exercise, getting a pet can actually be a great way to change that. I mean, if you for example get a dog you need to go outside and walk your dog a couple of times a day because dogs A) need to go outside to pee and poo and B) dogs need exercise.

Since it's your responsibility as the dog's owner to make sure that your dog get the exercise that it needs and that it gets the chance to actually go outside and do its business you will also benefit from it. Some dogs need more excise than others, so if you want a lot of exercise get a dog that needs a lot of exercise.

Yes, dogs can be expensive. I am not just talking about what it can cost to buy a dog. I am talking about all the expenses that comes with it. You know like a car. It's not just the what the car itself costs, you also have to get insurance, gas, cleaning the car and so on and so on. It's the same with getting a pet. The pet needs insurance…

Workouts That I Want To Try

It's feels so good to be back! By back I mean working out again! Yes yes and YES! I still have somewhat of a snotty nose but it doesn't hinder me from working out. I did yoga yesterday and some cardio today. Feels great to be back!

I don't have any words of wisdom for you today. Being a blogger is hard sometimes. I try and produce fun content that you guys might like. I hope that you all like what I post here.

So I have been thinking a while that I want to try some new workout out methods. Okay maybe just one. I want to try barre. From what I understand it's a mix between ballet and pilates. It's apparently very hyped among celebrities. But I don't know, it also seems fun, but there is no shame in wanting to be like your idol. Just don't loose yourself in the midst. Have any of you tried it? Anyone in Stockholm that could recommend a good center?

your writer, Erika

About Last Night

Where do I start when it comes to my experience at Summerburst? Where do I start? Well, it was insane! Freaking crazy! Why? Because I was front row and there was so much pressure because people where pushing from all different directions. I have to say that that really ruined the experience for me. It really did. I think that I would have had much better time there if I would have stood a few rows back.

There were definitely some great pros from standing front row. I really got to see Justin. Like he is a real person not just something that you see in the media. I got to see his beautiful brown eyes. He and his dancers really delivered! They are an amazing team of performers. So so so talented all of them. The show was amazing from start to finish. I was just typing, that I did have favorite moment and then I just thought of something. There were a few people in my section chanting "Despacito" over and over and Justin heard that and was like "I don't know that song.…


I AM ON MY TO SUMMERBURST! Yeah! I actually feel a lot better today. I do think that staying at home and resting for another day would have been better but I feel well enough for this so I am going to do this!

One Direction, Where We Are Tour, Wembley Stadium
Zayn and I at One Direction, Where We Are Tour, Friends Arena (yes it's fake)

Can you believe that I ha e never been to a music festival before?! I mean I have been to plenty of concerts but never a music festival! A few years back, I think that it was three years ago in 2014 when I in June went to one concert each week. That was a good month. One concert each weekend. I saw Miley Cyrus, One Direction (twice, once in London and once in Stockholm) and Cody Simpson. 
Yes I had meet and greet to Cody's concert!
Miley Cyrus, Bangerz Tour, Ericsson Globe

I am most looking forward to Justin Bieber and David Guetta tonight. Mostly Justin. Maybe only Justin. Okay yeah I only bought a ticket because of Justin.

Have to save my ba…

Days On The Couch

Hello! Today has not been much better than yesterday. I have been slugging on the couch all day resting for tomorrow. I am going to Summerburst tomorrow and nothing is going to stop me (hopefully). I am otherwise a very active person who works out every day and does a lot of stuff, so this (being sick) makes me feel very bad about just everything. This is not who I am. If you look up the word health you feel see a picture of me next to it. Okay probably not, but that's how I view myself.

I must be really sick though because I bought ice-cream when I went to the grocery store. I don't eat ice-cream. Or at least I haven't in like forever. That is if you don't count last weekend when I visited my mom. At they grocery store where she lives they had this vegan chocolate ice-cream made out of coconut cream and coconut milk. It was super delicious! It was the best chocolate ice-cream that I have ever tasted. You could kind of taste the coconut but it really tasted like chocol…

Swimwear Season

Hello everyone! I am sitting here on the couch watching House of Cards and charging my batteries for Saturday. Since I am not feeling my best today I thought that it would be best to do the bare minimum to get through the day. I am of course sitting here working, but that's the bare minimum because we all have to work to survive (truth to be told). But I am alive.

The health nut that I am and person who never skips a workout I actually decided not to workout today. Cardio was on the schedule but didn't feel right to do about my usual routine. I could do yoga instead of cardio but nah, Imma let my body rest so that I hopefully will be 100% on Saturday of Summerburst and Justin. I just hope that the weather forecast is wrong and that it won't rain. Pray for me!
Even though the past few weeks has not been great. I am talking about the weather. Okay yes we have had some sun and high temperatures but it differs from day to day. In spite of that you can still say the summer has …

No More Back Pains

I woke up this morning not feeling well at all. I think that I might be getting a cold. Okay, I wasn't so sick that I didn't go to work. I just had some nasal congestion and a bit of a sore throat. I actually feel a lot better now because I had some tea. (Fluids are the key to getting rid of bacteria in your body while you're sick.)

So today I wanted to talk about back pains. I think that I might have mentioned this before but sittning down is the absolute worst thing that you can do for your back. But a lot of us out there have desk jobs and you know it's just very comfortable to sit down all day. If you have a lot of back pains there are a few things that you can do:

1. Get up an stretch your back a few times during the day.
2. Stand up and work.
3. Get up and walk around for a few minutes here and there.
4. Workout regularly.

These are all very helpful things. Whenever I have back pains I get up and stretch and I immediately feel better. Stretching is all round good…

Puppy Love

Aaah, it's been so great to have two days extra off work. So nice and well needed! I had a lovely brunch with my friend Patti and then I went and visited my mom. That was really nice. We had a really good time. One of the pugs just had puppies (which my mom helped deliver with out any professional help).

They were so cute (in all fairness aren't all animals cute?!). I have two pictures of two of the puppies in my hand. The big one and the smallest one. The big one is the size of my hand and the smallest one is the size of my palm. It was so nice to cuddle with them.

It's my moms birthday in a few weeks so I am going back there then. It's going to be fun to see how much the have grown then. I promise you pictures then!

your writer, Erika

Stay Focused

So um hello! I wasn't really going to post anything tonight. It's late and I am tired and I just want to watch House of Cards (I still am watching HOC right now but I am also writing this post, I mean I just want to chill). I read an old post that I wrote last fall and it made me rethink and I got a little writing motivation from myself.

My post Be Proud pt. 3from 18th September last year is a motivational post where I talk about being proud of who you are and that it's okay not be exactly where you want to be in life. I open up about sometimes being a little impatient and just wanting it all fast. I also brought up about how I think Pamela Reif is pretty much perfect and that people would probably always choose here over me. Those kind of negative thoughts are never good and will in the end just ruin you. The best you can do is to always do you. BE YOU. There is a sentence that I wrote in the blog that I really like, "We cannot look at others as the definition of wha…

For The Sake of Your Heart

If you are not used to exercising then thinking of ways to start exercising can be really hard. An easy way to start out is actually to just go on walks. Just going for a 30 minute walk is really good cardio (if you don't exercise regularly and if you are very sedentary). 
In high school I never used to exercise except for PE. I used get a little out of breath just walking 10 minutes to the grocery store (it was up hill). Then I started going for walks a few times a week and really soon I started noticing a difference. The small things you do will have the biggest impacts!
I actually hated working out before. Well it was more that I didn't like to sweat. I still don't like to sweat now either, but that is i.e. when it's because it's hot outside. I love sweating when I exercise. I feel like that is a recipiet for using my body the right way.

/picture source/
Do your heart a favor and go on walks!

your writer, Erika

What 500 Calories Look Like

I saw a similar picture like the one below a while back. I started thinking about it this morning and thought that it would be a thing to share with you.

The picture below demonstrates how much density approximately 500 kcal of different types of food will take up in your stomach. Something worth mentioning is that your stomach can stretch up to 4L (= 1,05 gallon). Think of the latter as being full AF.

/picture source/
Think of the stomach holding 500 kcal of fruits and vegetables as when your stomach is streched to its maximum capacity aka 4L.

I really recommend that you read this article from The New York Times on what a 2000 calorie meal looks like (it includes pictures of different meals) - It is VERY interesting article that really makes you think about what you eat. Especially since it has pictures. I mean I am a smart woman, I understand all of these things so when you tell me about it…

Working Out Without Actually Working Out

I love working out! I work out every single day no excuses. Actually the more excuses that I come up with the more motivated I am to sweat it out.

Everyone is not like me. Not everyone likes to work out and people have different priorities. The thing is also that you don't have to workout every single day to be healthy. I wasn't unhealthy before when I used to workout twice a week. The reason I started working out every day was because I wanted better results.

Today I thought that I would give some simple tips for you to get in a workout WITHOUT actually having to workout! Howbadah?!

My first tip is that if you have a height adjustable desk at work is that you heigher it and stand up at your desk. This is great for your legs. Especialy your thighs and your butt. It may not seem like a huge exircise but if you're not used to standing up for 8h or working out your legs then your legs are going to want to kill you afterwards! It's exhausting! Also make sure that you wear …

Breathing Technique

Hello! I am sitting here on my couch watching Ghostbusters (the new one 2016). Gosh that show is good. Way better than the movie! The movie is great though but the show is greater.

I thought about something earlier that I just have to share with you. It's about finding a good breathing technique while working out. Okay this one is more for right after when you've finished your workout. So you know how right after you finished a heavy workout you breath very heavy because you're exhausted from what you just put your body through. It can sometimes take a while before you can breath like normal again. My tip is that when you have finished your workout you take long and death breaths. This will force your body to breath like this and it will slow your heart rate down way faster. You won't feel so out of breath and tired after a workout if you do it. This will give you back the energy that you put out during your workout.

Try this and let me know if it works for you!

your w…

Hit Me Up!

Hello everyone! 
I hope that you are all alright! I just wanted to let you all know that I am always open for collaborations. Don't be shy to contact me if you have a collaboration that you want tontalk to me about. You can always hit me up here or instagram (@eriikaworld) or twitter (@erikaworld). The best way might be if you send me an old fashioned email @

So what are you waiting for?! I am waiting for your email!

your writer, Erika

What About The Protein?

I am a vegetarian and I have been since I was in my early teens. It started because I all of the sudden didn't like the taste of meat. But then I went over to eating chicken/ turkey and fish/ seafood. Now I don't eat any meat at all. I am almost vegan. But I don't have any problem eating food that contains dairy or eggs. That's the one thing that holds me back from actually going full on vegan. Or the thing is more that I eat regular yoghurt with granola for breakfast and I just haven't found any vegan yoghurt that I like. First, I I like natrual non-flavored yoghurt because that stuff contains no chemical ingredients. Second, vegan yoghurt, even natrual non-flavored vegan yoghurt, contains a lot of chemical ingredients to make it as similar as regular dairy yoghurt. I just don't want that in my body. The day I find chemical free vegan yoghurt at the gorcery store I'll buy it and become a vegan.

But I didn't start this post to tell you about my diet. I …

Looking Hot While Getting Hot

I definitely do not have enough workout clothes! It's an issue because I have to wash the ones that I have all of the time. Enough for me would be if I had at least seven pairs of gymshorts/ yogapants and seven sport bras (yeah, I only workout in a sport bra because I get annoyed and uncomfortable if I wear a t-shirt over that because I get too hot). Now when it's starting to get a little bit warmer outside I like to wear shorts instead of tights. Sometimes when I do yoga it's nice to wear tights because it's not as sweaty. Don't get me wrong. Yoga is a great workout but it's not as intense as cardio. Okay, that can depend on what kind of yoga you do, because there are like millions different types of yoga out there.

A friend once said that she doesn't think that it's necessary to have a bunch of fancy workout clothes because you are going to sweat in them either way. True but there are a bunch of brands that sell really nice workout clothes at a low pr…