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What I Like To Focus On

It's Friday! How has your week been? Mine has been good not too bad. I am thinking about going to Rålis tonight and watch Dirty Dancing. That depends on the weather though. It's not looking up right now. If it clears up then maybe.

With my workouts there are four things that I like to focus on; stretching, cardio and the butt and thighs. That's why you have been seeing a lot of those kinds of workouts this week. I can only do this from my own point of view. I am sure that a lot of you will get just as good of a workout as I am so don't be afraid to try them out.

Todays' video is a 10 minute butt and thigh workout from FitnessBlender. This video may be short but it has a high tempo so you have to focus. Kelli is very great a explaining the exercise beforehand (as always). I am confident that you will have no problem with doing this workout

your writer, Erika

Stretch It Out

Hello! This morning I thought I would share a yoga video from GymRa. I do this video three times a week. I love it because it's so calm and easy to follow.

I read the comments to this video on youtube and some people were complaining that it is too fast and that the poses/ exercises are not explained beforehand so it's hard to follow. Someone said that they had to pause they video so that they could finish their breath because the video is too fast. It's not yin yoga. But hey every one's different and that what makes everyone so great. I love this video and have never had any problems following it. Not only do you get a really good stretch you also build some muscles using your own body weight.

Comment below (or hit me up on twitter @erikaworld) what you think of this video. Is it too fast or is it just right? Have a great day!

your writer, Erika

Pamela Reif For Hunkemöller

Well, that two and half hours of my life that I'll never get back. I just updated my computer to macOS Sierra (yeah I should have done this a very long time ago but at least I am on track now - better late than never) and it took freaking two and half hours. Also now my computer seems to be slower than ever. So annoying!

On a happier note, Pamela Reif's collection for Hunkemöller got released today!

I love Pamela so just had to check it out. I can tell you that the whole collection is amazing! I want it all. I thought that I would narrow myself down and pick out my favorites and show you. You can check out the whole collection right here. Below you can see my favorites.

picture source: / Bra / Brazilian breifs /
picture source: / Body /
picture source:…


Hello! Yes it's Wednesday which means you'll get another workout video. This is a short but intense cardio workout that includes a warm up and cool down from FitnessBlender. You will get a good exercise from just doing this video once. If you want great workout do this video twice or do this video and the pilates workout that I posted yesterday.

your writer, Erika

The Devil In Disguise

Good morning and hello! Have you had a good nights' sleep? I have because I have this really big and super comfy duvet that is twice the size of my bed. I love to just wrap myself in it. Especially in the winter. Now during the summer it's almost too hot. Almost, I keep it because I like the weight of the duvet.
The second workout video this week is also from FitnessBlender (I told you that I love them). The first time that I tried it I loved it because it was only 15 minutes. Don't be fooled and think that those 15 minutes won't give you anything. I thought that this workout was brutal the first time that I tried it! But I love when a workout is brutal because that means that I am challenging my body and that it's going to give me something.

Have a nice workout!

your writer, Erika

New Portrait

Hello! I shoot with a new photographer - Mats Vassfjord - a few weeks back and I wanted to share a picture from that shoot. It is one of my favorites that we shot that day.

your writer, Erika

Sweat It Out

So yesterday I told you guys that I am going to post at least one workout video every day this week. I thought that what better way to kick it off what a bang?! Today I am sharing a cardio workout with focus on the butt and thighs from FitnessBlender. (Most of the videos that I post this week will probably be from FitnessBlender, but I just want you to love them as much as I do). Try it out and write your thoughts about it in the comment section!

Have a great day!

your writer, Erika

Working My Ass Off

Hello! So what's up? I am sitting here on my balcony not enjoying the weather at all. I am actually freezing and thinking that maybe I should go inside.

Okay so I have been thinking lately that I really need to up my workouts. What I mean is that I need to switch it up and make it a little bit more difficult. I am thinking that maybe I should join a gym or maybe I should buy some dumbbells to have at home. I am leaning towards joining a gym. There actually are few gyms in my neighborhood that are cheap. I am going to check them out.

So in the meantime when I am trying to decide which gym to join, or if I should even join a gym at all I thought that I would help you all with your workouts. Every day next week I am going to post at least one workout video that I have done and has really helped me. They are all going to vary in length and in difficulty.

I thought that I would kick off this thing today so you are actually getting your first workout video right now. This first video is…

Diamonds Are Forever

I am so annoyed about the weather this summer. I mean, it has never really been hot and it's never really been cold (not that it's supposed to be cold during the summer - just trying to make a point),. It's just been something weird in between. I mean we have had hot days but not consecutively. Well, I live n Sweden so what did I really expect? I had hopes but those got crushed. I do really hope that I get the opportunity to go somewhere for my birthday next year. I am so going somewhere hot, with a lot of sun and where maybe I can surf. I have never surfed before and is something that I would really like to try.

I exchanged some earnings today at Dyrberg/ Kern. I bought them back in May and about like a month ago they broke. The little thingy that you put through your ear fell off one of the earring. Don't know why but so weird. Today I finally got my ass out of the wagon and exchanged them. I really like Dyrberg/ Kern so I am glad that they would let me exchange them…

Is It Too Soon To Talk About Halloween?

Hello! So summer is almost over which is sad but that means Halloween is around the corner. I know that I might be a little early when it comes to talking about Halloween but I have been excited about this years Halloween ever since Kylie Jenner rocked that Christina Aguilera outfit last year. I mean when I saw her outfit I was like "Damn why didn't I think about something that cool?!". Thats why this year I am going to bring it!

picture source:
I have a few ideas of what I want to go as. Maybe Christina Aguilera (but I also feel that has been done already), Ariana Grande or cat woman. I don't know, I haven't decided yet. Hey maybe I should revamp my outfit from when I went and saw Ariana Grande on The Honeymoon Tour. Remember that? But I'll probably buy nude pumps to match Aris outfit more.

Ariana Garnde My Everything concert picture source:…

Time For Some Renovation

I so wish that I had enough money so that I could afford to buy my own apartment. I have decided that when I finally move from where I live now is when I will buy my own apartment. When you own your own house or apartment you have so much more freedom incase you want to do some renovation. Okay sometimes you have to get permission from the board but you still have more freedom. For example if I want to do some big renovation in my apartment I have to change it back to the way it was before when I move. That's just to much of a hassle and a waste of money.

Last fall when I came to the realisation that I want to buy and not rent anymore I started looking at places that don't need a lot of fixing up (aka where little to no renovation is needed). Recently I saw an apartment that I totally loved but I wanted to changed everything about it. I had all of these great renovation ideas. I was totally fine with the idea that it would cost me as much as the deposit. Oh well! I know that t…

Love Is a New Pair of Jeans

Hello! I just wanted to show you guys my new jeans. How gorgeous aren't they? They're from Diesel but I bought them at Zalando. You would like your own pair you can buy them here.

your writer, Erika

Luck x2

Oh hello! How are you? I am in such a good mood because me new jeans that I ordered from Zalando fit perfectly and are super duper comfortable. Second, I had such a great time with my mom at Gröna Lund yesterday.

I don't really like Gröna Lund because I to worked there for one summer a few years back (so I have had to much of it) and I really don't like going on rides anymore. I just get nauseous and get a headache. My mom and I had a great time yesterday.

We didn't do much. We bought a couple of lottery tickets and we actually won twice. We also went on like two rides. That was enough for us.

It was my moms' idea to go there and I was like why not. I asked my friend Patricia (who works at Gröna Lund) if she could give us some entrance tickets and I remembered that I still had a bunch of ride tickets from when I worked there. So we really didn't pay for anything. Except for a few lottery tickets. All in all it was a great day.

My favorite memory from working at Grö…

I'm Going To Maui

So next year I want to take a big trip. Preferably around my birthday. Yesterday I went and saw Everything, Everything with my friend Le Ly. In the movie they go to Maui and that got me thinking that I want to go to Maui or just any of the Hawaii islands. Just look at these amazing pictures! I want to go there now!

your writer, Erika
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I'm Featured In Allure Magazine

Hello! So have you seen the pictures from my photo shoot with Pelle Larsson that I posted this morning? What do you think? In case you missed them just click here. I really enjoyed working with Pelle. He's a very talented photographer. Don't worry I will soon post more pictures from our photo shoot.

So what's on the agenda for today? I am going to clear my apartment from some clutter and that means more stuff up on blocket. I mean why throw away perfectly good stuff just because I don't want/ need them anymore? Selling them is way more environmental. I am also going to prepare a few posts for next week. Later tonight I am going to go and see a movie with my friend Le Ly. That's my day. Pretty nice and chill.

Yo! I almost forgot to tell you guys that I am featured in Allure magazine. Or not me personally but a picture that I took is featured in an article on their website about The Perfect V. Pretty cool huh?! I am so excited. Click here to read the article!

your wr…

First Look

Hello and good morning! Here are two versions of one picture as a first look at my photo shoot with photographer Pelle Larsson.

Follow Pelle on instagram @pellegoteborg :)

your writer, Erika

I'm Vegan

Hello! OMG I was so tired yesterday! I don't why, it's not like I did anything in particular to tire me down. I had a very chill and nice morning. Then I worked out, went to 7 Eleven and bought the new vegan Ben & Jerry and that was like it. I had no energy to do anything else. I suggested to a friend that we could meet up after she got off work but I regretted that later because I was so tired. I guess it was just one of those days.

I spent most of yesterday inside my apartment. The weather was so bad thought that I really didn't care. It rained so loudly that I couldn't hear the TV while I was working out. It was crazy! Sometimes I actually do think that summer rain can be kind of cozy. Just laying in bed all day watching your favorite shows.

But back to that vegan Ben & Jerry though! Delicious! Love it! I only bought one flavor because didn't know if it be good or not. Plus some of the comments on B&J's instagram weren't that favorable. I jus…

Pia Mia - I'm A Fan ft. Jeremih

This song is my new obsession! I don't share music that often anymore but this one is too good (and Pia is too talented) not to be shared.

your writer, Erika

No Man's Land

Hello my dearest! So you know how I a couple of weeks ago talked about getting a domain for my blog? Maybe it was last week, anyway still no luck. Everything is taken it is so freaking annoying! I don't know what to do about that. I have been working on building a cooler blog/ website for you but how can I launch it without a domain?! Huh? I mean I still can and it actually is live (I need to change that) but no that is no fun. Plus it won't be taken seriously without a domain. Well I am going to keep working on it.

your writer, Erika

It's About Being Cost Efficient

I have found a new favorite face mask! Sense beauty blackhead peel-off facial mask with charcoal extract is my new favorite thing. I have heard and seen what charcoal face mask so when I saw this at the store I just had to try it. I really loved it. Yes, just like any other charcoal face mask it hurts a little when you peel it off. The results afterwards are amazing so it's worth the pain.

I love peel-off masks because your skin feels renewed afterwards. You feel so refreshed. I have oily skin and peel-off masks removes the excess oil and makes my skin look matte and fresh.

It has been out of stock in the store where I found it the first time. So today when it was finally back in stock I just had to buy three packages (each package contains five face mask). Yes I could have just ordered it online before but it costs about 80kr online and that's without shipping. At ÖoB it costs 12kr. So you see, I could have bought six packages for less than the price of one. The choice is obv…

Abbot Kinney's

Hello! You know that I love everything vegan and organic and always willing to try new products when I see them. Today I saw this organic vegan yoghurt with a coconut base. You just know that I had to try it! It was good. It tastes exactly like coconut milk. The brand is called Abbot Kinney's. Check out there website here for more information about their products.

your writer, Erika